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How to Add Account on Pangle

Pangle User Management

How to Add a User for Pangle Account

- Overview:

Pangle supports adding users of different roles and granting role-based permissions to avoid the information security risks brought by multiple logins, and also to realize specialized task management for partners.

- Instructions:

Adding a new user for an existing Pangle account relies on invitation. Roles with the permission to add users, such as super administrator and administrator, can add new users by clicking the "Add New User" of User Management section. (Super)Administrator needs to enter name and email address of the new user and assign corresponding permissions.

An activation email will be sent to the email address of the new user upon submission. The new user can follow the instructions to activate their account.

- Role Description:

Pangle currently supports the following roles:

- Super Administrator: the registered email address and has all permissions. Super Administrator role can be transferred and once it is re-assigned, the previous Super Administrator will become an Administrator.

- Administrator: has access to all sections by default, please designate Administrator role with caution

- Finance: has access to Company Information and Payment Information sections.

- Ad Operations: has access to Company Information, Performance, Application and Blocking Control sections

- Developer: has access to the Integrations section

How to Modify Your Pangle Account Information?

Click "Account Name" after logging in, and then click the information you would like to modify, such as Account Name, Email Address and Mobile Number.