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Suspension or deactivation due to violation of Pangle Supply Policy

In the event that we reasonably suspect or discover that you have engaged in activities that violate the terms of the Pangle Supply Policy, depending on the severity of the suspected or actual violation and without limiting any other rights and remedies available to us, we may take one or more of the following actions by email notice to you:

  • temporary suspension or permanent deactivation of your account
  • temporary suspension or permanent disqualification of specific digital property or placement ID
  • termination of agreement and cessation of service

You may appeal against such action by emailing us at within 7 days of receiving our notice. Please ensure the following information is included in your appeal:

  • a copy of the notice issued by Pangle;
  • account ID and account name;
  • app ID and app name, app download URL or package name (APK / IPA);
  • placement ID and placement name; and
  • any troubleshooting you've conducted to address the issues referred to in the notice, any findings of such troubleshooting and any updates you've made so far.

We might provide some specific recommendations in our notice to you to assist you with troubleshooting. Below are some general recommendations:

  • review at least the 14-day period prior to the date of our notice
  • carefully review the Pangle Supply Policy and check if you have complied with all of its terms
    • check whether your account has been involved in any click fraud or other inappropriate behaviour such as rendering out-of-app ads
    • check whether your digital property contains any of the inappropriate content as described in the Pangle Supply Policy
  • carefully review your account / digital properties and placement and check if there are any suspicious or abnormal activities
  • app spoofing: The app uses fake package names. Please carefully inspect the package name information
    • for example: the fake package name a.b.c.d is registered on Pangle
  • partial spoofing: Some of the ad traffic generated by this app involves fake package names. Please carefully review the package name information

  • Upon receipt of your appeal, we will look into the matter further, taking into account the additional information you provide. We seek to resolve any appeals within 7 days of receipt. However for more complex issues, we may require more time to investigate and respond. At the conclusion of our investigation, we will contact you to explain our investigation and the results of such investigation. Our determination on this matter will be final.