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Integration Docs

Basic implementation guidelines

1. Each type of ad creative can be used only for its intended ad format.

2.What elements must an ad rendering include?

- An ad title or description

- An ad creative; at least one image needs to be included

- An ""ad"" logo

3. A clickable area should be provided. In order to prevent accidental clicking, please clearly distinguish your ad content from app content.

- The frame of the ad content should be marked clearly.

- There should be appropriate amount of white space surrounding the ad content

- There should be adequate distance between the ad content and other clickable areas.

- With the exception of the splash ad format, the clickable area of an ad format should be limited to the ad creative, title, action button, and so on. The background should not be included in the clickable area. The clickable are for interstitial ad formats should not exceed 3/4 of the full screen area.

4. DO NOT hide, distort or blur ad creatives or content.

5. A valid ad impression is defined as having more than 20% of the pixels shown in the ad, with video viewing time surpassing one second.