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How to Monetize with Pangle

Start monetizing with Pangle in just a few easy steps.

1. Go to and log into your Pangle account

Your account name and your account ID will be your unique identifiers, and the ID number will be displayed in the lower left corner.

2. Go to the App page and set up your app


  • Apps not yet released in the Google Play or Apple Store can only be created as test apps. Test apps are not able to generate revenue. In order to start generating revenue, you must ensure both conditions below are met.App is live in its respective app store (Google Play Store or App Store)In the dashboard, locate the application, and set its App Status to 'Live' (see screenshot below)  Please be careful with the app status change. If you have any questions or concerns about creating apps, please contact us at with the relevant app ID provided.
  • You have to complete your company information before adding an App.
  • Once "Industry" is set according to your product category, it cannot be modified afterwards. Please ensure to set it correctly when creating your app in the dashboard.

For more frequently asked questions about adding apps, please refer to

3. Select a format for your ad placement

  • When adding an ad placement, you need to select a format and configure the relevant parameters
  • Select the right auction type Pricing Type
  • Use blocking rules if you have ad blocking needs

For more frequently asked questions about adding ad placements, please refer to

4. Download and use the latest version of Pangle SDK from the Integration page.

For more frequently asked questions about SDK integration and mediation configuration, please refer to the integration document:

5. Test your app with a test device to make sure all configurations run properly

For more frequently asked questions about testing ads, please refer to

6. Fill in your company and payment information for future payments

Company information requirements:

  • Input in English (special characters supported)
  • For registration number, enter the unique identification code of your company

For more frequently asked questions about how to edit company information, please refer to

Bank information requirements:

  • The payment information must be filled out in English. Your company name will be used as your bank account name. If you do not have a bank account name in English, you may apply for a foreign currency account with your bank and receive English information of your bank account from your bank
  • Make sure your bank account can receive USD
  • SWIFT Code (8-11 characters) is required

For more frequently asked questions about how to edit bank information, please refer to

7. Check and confirm your statements on the payment page

We will disclose your previous month's income statement by the 8th working day of each month. After you confirm the invoice, pangle will process the payment within 10 working days. The payment will be paid in USD.

For more frequently asked questions about settlement and payment, please refer to

8. FAQ

1. What requirements does Pangle have for apps that can be monetized? How does it affect me if my app isn't available on the app stores in a certain country/region?

To be monetized through Pangle in a certain country/region, apps must be listed in the Google Play or Apple App Store in that country/region. For detailed policies, please see Pangle Supply Policy | Pangle (

If your app is not listed in the Google Play or Apple Store in a certain country/region, you can only use it as a test app, which means you cannot gain any revenue from it and the app cannot be monetized in that country/region.