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Pangle Publisher Platform Configuration Guide for Mediation

How to Add Apps and Ad Placements?

1. Create/Log in to Pangle

Create or Log in to your Pangle account.

2. Create an App

  • Click on Applications -> + Add App to create an app.

You will get an app with its app ID.

3. Create an Ad Placement

  • Click on Applications -> + Add Ad Placement to create an ad placement.
  • Select an ad format
  • Enter ad placement name
  • Select bidding type and click submit

You will get a placement with its placement ID.

How to Access Your User ID, Role ID and API Key?

1. User ID

Once logging in to Pangle, you can find your User ID in the bottom left corner.

2. Role ID & Security Key

Click on Integrations -> SDK & API  -> Pangle Reporting API 2.0  to access your Role ID and Security Key