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How to complete a payment on Pangle

1. Pangle Payment Process

Please follow the below steps to receive your revenue:

A. Provide Payment Information:
  • Log in to your account and go to the Payment module
  • Fill out the payment information

B. Confirm the Statement:
  • Confirm and generate invoice. We will release the previous calendar month's revenue around the 8th working day of current calendar month. You can click to view the invoice information.
  • Please check the payment information on invoice, and click 'Confirm' to sign if all displayed information is correct.

C. Pangle Makes Payment Once the Above Steps are Completed

After you click to confirm the invoice, we will make the payment within 10 working days.

*Please note that a valid contract that covers the settlement cycle is required for the payment.

2. Revenue settlement when integrating with Pangle via AdMob

The revenue generated through integrating with Pangle via Google AdMob will be paid directly by Google. You can view the estimated revenue for the current month through the data report on the Pangle Publisher Platform. If there is a discrepancy between the actual payment amount from Google and the amount displayed on the Pangle platform, the former prevails. If you have any further questions, please contact Google.

You will see an adjustment record in your Pangle settlement statement, and the adjustment amount will be the amount that Google will pay.

3. Payment Status

There are 4 payment statuses on Pangle:

-To be confirmed: waiting for developer to confirm the invoice

-To be paid: invoice verified and Pangle is ready to make the payment

-Processing: Pangle is processing the payment

-Paid: payment completed

4. Why is my statement not updated?

If there are no special announcements, and you have not received the statement after the 8th working day of a month, please check if it is due to one of the following situations:

  • Incomplete payment information: statements will only be updated after all required payment information is provided.
  • Email notification of delayed statement: If a violation of the platform's content, traffic, qualifications or other relevant policies is detected, resulting in delayed settlement or deduction, the corresponding amount will be deducted in monthly statement. No statement will be provided if the remaining balance is 0.
  • Just completed or still processing company information update: If you are changing business entity, we will regenerate the statement based on updated company information. This is usually available around 20 minutes after the process is complete.

If you encounter one of the situations above, you can contact us at, or contact your Account Manager in Pangle.