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Rewarded video ads guideline

1. Rewarded video ads are shown when a user elects to watch the rewarded video ad in order to obtain a corresponding incentive, such as when the user wants to enjoy in-app functions such as additional lives in a game, unlocking a game level, obtaining game props, and so on.

2. Rewarded video ad material cannot be used in non-rewarded video ad slots. Likewise, non-rewarded video ad material cannot be used in rewarded video ad slots.

3. The rules applicable to ad rewards need to be fully explained to the user before displaying the ad, clearly informing users of the rewards they will receive after watching the video ad.

4. A rewarded video ad must not be played without the user s permission. (It should not play automatically or in any other manner where the user has not clicked the Play button.)

Rewarded Video Ads Playbook

Rewarded video ads are an innovative solution to help balance both revenue and experience. In the mobile age, this is one of the most influential and profitable ad formats for app publishers to monetize their properties.

What are rewarded video ads?

Rewarded video ads are interactive full-screen video ads that users can choose to watch in exchange for in-app rewards.

Widely deployed in mobile games and other types of apps, this format makes each video ad into a “task” that users can complete in order to gain incentives.

By inciting and fulfilling users needs, rewarded video ads have become a highly effective way to attract attention and drive up revenue for publishers.

Pangle rewarded video ads highlights

A Pangle rewarded video ad is a must-use format for efficient app monetization. Some of the most remarkable advantages that we proudly introduce are:

Superior CPM performance

With our leading advertising technology and a very competitive demand pool, Pangle rewarded video ads can deliver over 10 times higher eCPM than regular image ads. Clearly, this makes it the most profitable ad format.

Enhancing user engagement and LTV

Rewarded video ads enable users to enjoy your games, content, or functions without the need of purchases. This allows users to spend more time within your apps and hence, increases retentions and lifetime value.

Strong immersion and user-friendly

Pangle rewarded video ads act as incentives for your users rather than as flow blockers. They are displayed through native full-screen video formats that last 10-30 seconds. Altogether, they deliver a strong level of immersion and better experiences for your users.

Customized end card design and integration

Publishers have the flexibility to choose their preferred rewarded video end cards from numerous Pangle end card templates. Designs can be customized for different apps to best match the look, feel, and message that you wish to deliver based on your needs.

4 best practices for publishing rewarded video ads

Pangle recommends following these best practices to maximize impact of your rewarded video ads.

1. Make sure to test the entire process

Key things to note during testing:

Elements required for ads (images, titles, descriptions, Pangle logo, and ad identifier).

The ad's overall presentation.

The smoothness of the ad's conversion funnel.

Installation (which can be invoked for app install ads).

2. Clearly offer the reward upfront

Concealing an ad’s reward will not make it more attractive. Instead, motivate players by communicating the exact benefit they will receive for opting in. For example, consider messages like “Watch a video for another life” or "Play a video for double coins".

3. Offer reward items in strategic amounts

Rewards should be items from the gaming economy in amounts that have a tangible and immediate value to the players. For example, difficult-to-obtain game necessities make especially strong incentives.

4. Calibrate your ad frequency

A well-calculated ad frequency can help ensure a healthy gaming economy, a better user experience, and more stable ad revenues. For example, in a casual game, it is recommended that for every 20 to 50 minutes that a player spends in-game, a 5-8 frequency cap be placed. In addition, also use intervals between ads.

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