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How to Test Ads

App and Ad Placement in Test Status

During the development phase, you can create apps and ad placements of "test" status to ensure Pangle ads will be properly displayed. When an ad placement is in "test" status, its requests will not be counted into the revenue.

Add a Test Device

If you want to further check on ad displays and integrations, you can set up a Test Device for ads testing.

When a device is added as Test Device, Pangle will respond with test ads. Test Device is effective for all the ad placements in your account.

- After logging into Pangle, go to the Test Mode page under Integrations section, and then click "Add Test Device"

- Enter a Device Name

- Select the Operating System

- Enter the Device ID: if you have trouble finding the device ID, please refer to "How to Find Device ID?" below


- Please enter IDFA for iOS devices, and GAID for Android devices.

- Click "Submit" after completing the required information

- Test ads will be available about 15 minutes after adding a test device.

- One account can add a maximum of 30 test devices.

- Every device can only be added once, please do not add repeated devices.