Transform Creativity to Conversions
Rewarded Video Ads
Interstitial Ads
Native Ads
App Open Ads (Beta)

Rewarded Video Ads

Opt-in video ads that give users the choice to watch a video in exchange for an in-app incentive such as extra game lives, virtual currency, or an extended free trial.

  • Extremely popular and engaging format
  • average eCPMs and completion rates
  • Increased user retention for publishers
  • Benefits everyone: publisher, advertiser, and user
  • Supported ad types: Video and Playable

Interstitial Ads

Highly engaging full-screen ads that appear at natural pause points. Users can either skip or click-through to the advertiser’s content.

  • Rich, dynamic, full-screen content
  • Fit seamlessly into the app's natural flow for minimal disruption
  • High engagement, click-through, and conversion rates
  • Ideal for apps with a linear user experience
  • Supported ad types: Video and Image

Native Ads

Natural-looking ads that mimic the design of your app to blend into the environment and integrate seamlessly into the user flow.

  • Transforms ads into natural-looking, user-relevant content
  • Come with easy-to-use templates to automatically get the right look
  • High click-through rates
  • Perfect for apps with a lot of dynamic content
  • Supported ad types: Text, Image, and Video

App Open Ads (Beta)

A full-screen and skippable ad format that displays when an app is launched. This premium ad placement offers a higher click-through rate while doesn't compromise the user experience.

  • High fill rate and eCPM
  • Skippable at anytime
  • Supported ad types: video and image

Banner Ads

Most common ad formats generating predictable monetization, simple integration, and streamlined user experience.

  • Generate stable and incremental revenue gains
  • Create always visibility
  • Support size: 300*250 and 320*50