What is ARPDAU

ARPDAU (refers to average revenue per daily active user) is a key performance metric (KPI) for app monetization strategies. It tells how much daily revenue your active users generate from your app or game.

The importance of ARPDAU

ARPDAU is one of the most commonly used and valuable metrics for mobile app & game developers. By measuring ARPDAU, you will:

  • Understand the daily performance of your app
  • Get a sense of income generated on your app
  • Analyze and identify how changes to the app impact revenue
  • Data indication for coming decisions, improve performance and measure results

How should we use ARPDAU

ARPDAU can be used in many different scenarios, especially in user acquisition strategies:

  • Analyze ARPDAU and how it fluctuates daily
  • Segment your new users based on different sources during a user acquisition campaign
  • Measure which networks, apps, or ads perform best in your app

How to Calculate ARPDAU

ARPDAU is calculated based on the revenue generated from in-app advertising and in-app purchases. The formula for calculating ARPDAU is:

ARPDAU = Total Revenue ÷ Total Number of Daily Active Users

ARPDAU calculates revenue from:

- In-app purchases (IAPs)

- In-app ads

- Subscriptions

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